Ultimate Best Recipes you will adore!

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  Ultimate Best Recipes you will adore!

  • Kit Kats.. one per fry
  • Egg Roll wrappers.. large
  • 1 egg and a splash of water mixed up for egg wash..
  • Coarse sugar for sprinkling, and to MIMIC salt.
  • oil for frying.. canola or veg work the best
  • caramel for dipping.. optional

  1. Prepare the egg wash by simply mixing one egg with a splash of water.. set aside.
  2. Now, lay out one of the wrappers and place a Kit Kat across the wrapper, diagonal from the corner…and roll it up, making sure to bring the edges of the wrapper in as you roll…
  3. Brush the final corner with some egg wash and seal up the Kit Kat VERY well…
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